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I recently had a conversation with a guy I met – about Marketing. I don’t want to go into detail about how the conversation – if you can call it that – went. The title sums it up quite adequately.

Unfortunately, his strong opinion about marketing did not give me a change to explain it to him properly. Thus, I will do it here. 

Marketing does, to some extend, create needs. Yes. Hence, and yes again, you will sometimes be shown things you don’t need nor want. Fair enough. Understandable. 
A lot of the stupid and really bad advertising and commercials don’t do any good as well. But what is it now, that makes Marketing crucial?

Let’s put it that way: Where will you buy your bread, soap, cloth, or what have you? In a bakery, a store, a place where you can get that suff. Precisely.
But how do you know where? How do you know to which store you should go? Which products you need? What the product does?
How does the store know what products it should get? How will the store know that you will buy what? 

Uhm, yes, good questions. You just go and if it’s there you will buy it, if not, not. Some parts of the “conversation”, or monologue, went like this.
True, you could do that. But it might be very time consuming and you might not get all you want and need. 

Sure, sure, there are a lot of things you absolutely not need and want. Nevertheless, with Marketing you might find the right product faster. Your store might get the better products, faster.
Thus, in essence, Marketing is providing and presenting information about what the product, or whatever you are marketing, can do. How it can help you and how it adds value.

You should therefore not hate Marketing, but you can – and in my opinion should – hate some of the tactics and means people pursue to spread that information. 
Some definitely are as strong, aggressive and misplaced as the opinion of the guy I was talking to. /jsw


Hej, I'm Jonas. I am an Analyst, Researcher, Economist. Currently, I am working within Digital Analytics as well as Site Selection and Economic Development. I love to travel, the digital world, and Rugby. You can also find me on Twitter (@JonasWendler).

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