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Twitter’s heart-shaped star wars

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Today, Twitter announced and implemented hearts, replacing the ‘favourite’ stars. While some obviously welcomed the change, others are completely against it. After all, people are creatures of habit and dislike change. Hence, the heart-shaped star wars raged on Twitter and other social media platforms. Just have a look at the trending section with the hashtag #heartgate.

Here are some funny and serious tweets about the change:

A Tale of Meaning and Habit

Personally, I liked the star as it was more generic and could be applied to and in a lot of situations. The heart is – in my humble opinion – more limited and more loaded. But, in the end, it does not matter at all. It’s kind of like Star Wars vs Star Trek (I like both, though).

And after all, we attach meaning to the pictures, icons or emoticons we use. A smile, a heart, it can be whatever you want it to be. Hence, Tobias van Schneider’s tweet sums it up:

If you want some more fun, this collection from Mashable has some more tweets.


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