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Down with the blinders: Other Ideas on Twitter

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A few weeks back I wrote about why I like Twitter and what I was missing. Even though the text is not particularly short, I did not cover all I intended and did not think of everything. Today I found a rather interesting long read about what could be improved on Twitter.

The author makes some really good points, but two are crucial, in my opinion.

Onboarding & Following People

This is obviously important to get new users up to speed. I really recommend reading that part of the article.

I have experienced it before as well, multiple times, but I guess I simply forgot about the painful process. Or, because I am an avid user of Twitter (@JonasWendler), I quickly knew whom I should follow or not. Most people do not really know, and Twitter’s useless suggestions – like tons of media firms or VIPs – do not help. Maybe try a more personal, social touch. But that again comes down to my point again of Twitter’s identity. Is it a microblogging platform, a social media platform, or both.

I didn’t come here to follow brands

Singular vs Plural

Another really good point the author made about Twitter is, that it should allow you to follow more than people. I also touched upon that in my previous blog post. Because Twitter users – and people in general – are so interesting, it might be a good idea to follow events or topics. In my case, I would like to follow specific events that I love to go to, or keep up with a specific circle of friends / followers.

We will se what happens. If you have other ideas, feel free to post of comment. You know, dropping the blinders.

Austen Allred (2016, Jan 20): If I ran Product at Twitter

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