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A Short Review of Flio: The Airport Comfort App

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I had the chance to use and test the Flio app on Android, which is essentially an airport comfort app. It navigates you through the terminals. This is especially handy when you are at the airport a while, or need some information real quick.

The Good

  • Automatic WiFi connection. One of the main features of Flio ist automatic WLAN connection. This function is certainly pretty neat. I have not tried it extensively, but it seems to be working where they managed to connect to the local WiFi.
  • Flio offers maps / layouts of the airports together with descriptions pf where to find ATMs, smoking areas, or pharmacies.
  • Furthermore, the app provides guides to amenities like showers, bathrooms and restaurants. This includes locations, opening hours, as well as potential fees. Also, most importantly for the digital traveller, Flio advises on power outlets.
  • If you like to shop at airports, you can also find coupons for products in the duty free stores. However, I have to note that I did not actually purchase anything yet. I rarely purchase duty free stuff anyway.

Flio Android App Test - Zurich Airport

The Bad (Improvements)

  • Automatic WiFi connection does not always work. In Zürich, for instance, you still need to sign in manually. But this – I assume – depends on the local WiFi connections that Flio uses / cooperates with.
  • Some descriptions are relatively vague, I find. Take the power outlet example, here I still have to try and find some. As well as potential connections to shopping/restaurant reviews. Maybe adding content and reviews from Foursquare, Yelp, or Google might be a good idea. This could also help gaining user-generated content. Or simply add a similar feature.

Flip Android App Test - Power Plugs - Areas - Hamburg Airport

The Ugly

I did not encounter any major issue. Some updates were actually to fix automatic WiFi connection, but that worked fine for me. However, if you find some bugs, write a comment. Or contact Flio directly.

Flio Android App Test - Zurich Airport - No Automatic Wifif

Not Tested

The app also allows to purchase tickets, for instance for the Heathrow Express in London, through the app directly. Since I did not fly into London or any other airports where Flio has similar offers, I was unable to test it. I will update once I have more information. If you did get a chance to test it yet, let me know.

Flip Android App Test - Airport Comfort Shopping

Flip Android App Test - Account

Note: This review is mostly based on the Android Beta 1.0.18 & 1.0.19. Hence, there might be some slight changes in the Android release that came out today. My friend Jenni Schwanenberg who is working for Flio provided me with access to the Beta. However, the review is as objective as it can be and not sponsored in any way.


  1. I’m pretty curious regarding the real skills of this app since it’s own success will mostly depend on the marketing efforts to convince regular travellers that they have what it takes….all the airports services in just one app/platform.

    Until now it sound promising.

    • Hej Jorge, my apologies for the late reply. I was traveling the last days. Thematically perfect.
      I definitely agree. It will be tough to convince the regular traveller, reaching the critical mass.
      They seem to be doing alright, at least I see a lot of partner stickers at European airports. However, I am actually not using it much anymore. The WiFi connection did, as mentioned, not always work, which is the main selling point for me. Most other amenities I would not need on a regular basis.

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