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#RIPTwitter – Isn’t it ironic

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It seems like Twitter’s current strategy to grow is just to be in the press. Constantly. Half the board quite the other day. Constant rumors about changes in the product – from the current switch to an algorithm based timeline, over hearts instead of stars, to the introduction of 10’000 character tweets. At least it does not get boring.

#RIPTwitter – Isn’t it ironic

Now that Twitter said (again) that it will be switching to an algorithm-based timeline, the hashtag #RIPTwitter is trending.#RIP Twitter TrendingWhile there are rumors that this has already begun and nobody noticed, I find it ironic that Twitter users are complainig about the services they are using to complain.

Change is always tough

Once could argue that Twitter has already reached the mainstream. If so, why change? The answer is easy: product life-cycle management. To stay ahead. If Twitter has indeed not reached the mainstream, it must change to cross the so called chasm (c.f. Moore, 2014). In any way, the San Francisco-based company must try out stuff. As a user, I don’t particularly like change either. It always requires a change in usage, relevance, and work-flow as well. Will see how many will / can adapt.

who wants to change?

Some funny Tweets about #RIPTwitter

And finally, because I am getting annoyed by all the talk about whether or not Twitter is going to die, some funny #RIPTwitter tweets:

Credits: Featured picture taken from the Flickr commons: Nationaal Archief / Spaarnestad Photo, SFA022820287


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